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Register for Classes at a Community or Technical College

student talking with registrar

You’ve taken the placement test, met with an advisor to plan your education, dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s. Now, you are ready to sign up for classes.

Ways to Register

Online and in person are the main ways students register. Some campuses offer telephone and fax registration options, especially for non-credit programs.

Be aware of registration deadlines and any assigned registration appointment date(s).

At some colleges, new students may register online. And at others, new students must enroll in person for their first quarter and can enroll online in future quarters.

Registration Basics

Timing is everything when it comes to adding and dropping courses. The date you add or drop a class will affect the size of your refund—and even your grades—so know the deadlines.

Add/drop, payment and refund deadlines are printed in your class schedule.

For some courses, you may select to audit the class. When you audit a class, you register, pay tuition and attend class regularly, but you need not take exams and you will not receive credit after you have registered for the class.

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