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Pay For Tuition at a Community or Technical College

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Registration is not complete until tuition is paid by the deadline.

How Much Will It Cost?

Tuition at community and technical colleges in Washington is charged per credit, rather than by part-time or full-time status. Tuition rates are also determined by residency status. Visit the tuition and fees page at the college of your choice for details.

Tuition rates will vary slightly for each college depending on local fees. The rates shown reflect the maximum amount any college may charge.

Find money to pay for college.
Compare costs between different types of colleges.

Tuition and Fees for Students Enrolled in 15 Credits
Quarterly Tuition & Fees Resident Non-Resident
Source: SBCTC Operating Budget Office, 2014-15
One Quarter $1,333 $3,078
Academic Year (3 quarters) $4,000 $9,235

Payment Deadlines

In most cases, tuition is due within seven business days from the date you first register for classes. If you register on or after the first day of the quarter, tuition is due immediately.

Students are responsible for tuition payment and should access online student services to inquire about payment due. It is the student’s responsibility to verify payment has been made, even if a scholarship or Financial Aid is covering costs.

Tuition Payment Plans

Over half of the community and technical colleges offer a tuition payment plan. A payment plan allows you to spread payments over the academic quarter instead of paying all at once.

Refund Deadlines

Deadlines for tuition and fee refunds are published in each college’s class schedule. Don’t get caught by surprise.

If you need to withdraw from a class, the date you do so can mean the difference between a 50% or a 100% refund. It can mean the difference between an F (failed), a W (withdraw) or no record showing up on your transcript.

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