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High School Completion

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The benefits of having a high school diploma include career advancement, employability, and higher wages. No matter how long it’s been since your education was interrupted, you can get back on track, earn college credit, and earn your Washington State high school diploma.

Most community and technical colleges offer programs to help you earn a high school diploma if you are 16 years or older and complete the graduation requirements.

Four Ways to a High School Diploma in Washington State

  1. Regular high school diploma process through the student's local high school
  2. Have attended Running Start;
    Earn an associate degree;
    Request a high school diploma from the college
  3. Earn an associate degree;
    Age 21 years or older;
    Request a high school diploma from the college
  4. Earn a high school diploma from the college through the high school completion program

Complete details about options to earn a high school diploma.

What Does it Cost?

If you are under age 19 or not a Washington State resident, you will pay the current tuition rate, plus any fees and books.

If you are 19 years or older and a Washington State resident, part of your tuition may be waived as a form of financial aid. Additional costs, including fees and books, are not covered.

Has Your Class Graduated Yet?

If your high school class has not yet graduated, you must obtain a release form from the high school in your district and have it signed by the principal or high school counselor and by a parent or guardian.

What Courses Will I Have to Take?

A transcript evaluation and placement test will determine which high school courses you still need.

Based on your placement test scores, you may take below-college-level courses, college-level courses, or a combination of both. An advisor will help you plan which classes to take to complete requirements for a high school diploma.

College-level courses (numbered 100 or higher) count toward both the high school diploma requirements and an associate degree.

A total of 19 credits (20 credits for the class of 2013 and beyond) is required by the state and includes English, mathematics, U.S. history, Washington State history, contemporary world problems, science, physical education, occupational/vocational, art-related subjects, and electives.

You must complete a minimum number of at the community or technical college and meet GPA requirements.

What About State Testing and Other Requirements?

Depending on the date you first started high school – whether public, private or home school – you may also be required to meet Washington State graduation requirements such as:

  • Pass state tests or approved alternatives to those tests
  • Complete a culminating project
  • Completing a High School and Beyond Plan

The culminating project and High School and Beyond Plan requirement can be met by enrolling and successfully completing General Studies 100, Strategies for Academic Success.

Get Started

Visit the website of the college of your choice and search for "high school completion" or "high school diploma."

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