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Dual Enrollment and Dual Credit

Washington State students can earn college credit and useful college-level skills while still in high school. Compare the programs, plan ahead, and get started on your future today.

Program Name Description Location Benefits Student Responsibilities Eligibility Student Costs
Tech Prep Federally funded program allowing students to earn college credit by taking certain career and technical education courses in high school.

Credits apply toward certificate or applied associate degree.
High School
  • Remain in high school
  • Prepare for career
  • Earn both high school and college credit
  • College credit at little or no cost
  • Enroll in Tech Prep designated class at the high school
  • Register for Tech Prep credit
  • Earn a "B" or better in the course
"B" or better in the course
  • Minimal to no cost to student
  • $0 to $25 registration, transcription fee
Running Start Qualified Washington State high school juniors and seniors attend college classes and earn both high school and college credit at the same time. College
  • Earn college and high school credit at the same time
  • Accelerated class experience
  • Determine transferability of college credits
  • Ensure credits apply to high school graduation requirements
  • Meet application, registration deadlines
  • High school junior or senior standing
  • College-level score on college placement test
  • Some colleges admit based on high school GPA
  • Tuition waived
  • Student pays for mandatory and consumable supply fees, textbooks and transportation
College in the High School Qualified high school students take academic college- level courses taught at their high school, based on a local contract.

Students earn both high school and college credit.
High school
  • Remain in high school
  • Accelerated class
  • Earn both high school and college credit
Meet college course standards High school determines if student ready for college-level work
  • Variety of fees, including tuition and textbooks.
  • Up to full tuition and books
Advanced Placement (AP) Specific, rigorous courses which prepare high school students to take Advanced Placement tests.

AP credit may allow higher placement and/or credit at the postsecondary level.
High School
  • Remain in high school
  • Accelerated class
  • Advanced placement and/or college credit granted based on test score
  • Apply for testing
  • Meet high academic standards
Pass pre-requisite courses Test fee
International Baccalaureate (IB) Internationally recognized program which offers college credit for students completing a standardized curriculum and passing a culminating exam. High school
  • Remain in high school
  • College credit if high enough test score
  • Maintain high degree of scholarship
  • Apply for testing
Determined locally Test fee
Early College High School Gates-funded initiative that offers a 9th to 12th grade accelerated learning experience for under-prepared students. High school or college Potential to earn a high school diploma and associated degree simultaneously Determined locally Determined locally Varies
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