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How Much Do I Need to Earn?

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Before you choose your career and college program, find out how much life really costs. With a little planning now, you can make choices that will support the way you want to live.

Taking Care of Your Needs and Wants

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Everyone says you need some college classes under your belt to make a decent living. But do you know exactly how much money you’ll need to keep you outfitted in the lifestyle to which you’re accustomed? Or, find out what kind of salary it really takes to make payments on that new car and a 30-year fixed mortgage.

Curtis: "I was so ready to move out and be on my own, but I basically had no idea how much it would cost to live as large as I wanted to out in the real world. Heck, at my first job, I barely had enough to live, let alone live large. Wish I’d known then, what I know now. Who knew that changing my ringtone to match my mood would get so expensive?"

"But you don’t have to learn the hard way like I did. Instead, you can use this great "self-sufficiency calculator" we found. You can see just how much it’s gonna cost to live the lifestyle you want to live. And that’s good to know, because if you really need to live the high life, then you’ll need a job that can pay for it all."

Visit the Self Sufficiency Calculator for Washington State and start plugging in numbers as you plan your future.

Then, come back here and find a college program that will help you get there.

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